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“Action Without Vision is only passing time, Vision Without Action is merely day dreaming, but Action WITH Vision can change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

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To promote excellence and empowerment  and the continued growth of among Africans in Diaspora/Black professionals in the field of sign language interpreting in the context of a multicultural/multi-lingual environment.
To meet the needs of African American/Black professionals in the field of sign language interpreting in regards to recruitment, networking, professional development, moral support, training and research.
To change the perception of  Interpreters of Color from an inferior minority to a burgeoning force of highly skilled and competent certified leaders within the ASL Interpreting field. NAOBI-DC provides a comprehensive platform of professional development to bring forth more dynamic interpreters and prepare them for the challenges of balancing professionalism, education, advocacy, and ethical responsibility in a non-threatening supportive environment. This is why WE ARE NAOBI-DC!
NAOBI-DC welcomes everyone into another new year full of excitement and promise. Our vision is cemented in our commitment to increasing the number and quality of Black interpreters in this highly sought profession of sign language interpretation. We aim to meet your need in the areas of recruitment, networking, professional development, moral support, training, and research. With confidence, we are certain you will find our organization worth your investment of time, talent, and service.
NAOBI-DC cannot continue to grow strong without your support and participation! Please know that you are important to us, because it takes teamwork to make the dream work.
As Ever, Billy Sanders MS, NIC President
We understand that the term “Black Interpreter” is not a monolithic classification. Rather, it defines a dynamic entity of many sign language interpreters who vary in knowledge, skills and unique experiences pertaining to the African in diaspora. NAOBI-DC has been able to identify just how fundamentally different our memberships’ degree of interpreting acumen, background, and interests are. As such, we strategically orchestrated an aggressive agenda for 2016, complete with initiatives centered in professional development.

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