Public Lecture: Joseph Hill “Emerging Trends in the Study of Black ASL: History Structure, and People”

2019-01-25T12:34:36-04:00, |

Dr. Joseph C. Hill gives a comprehensive overview of the studies on the emergence, maintenance, and structure of Black ASL from 1960s to present. The historical and linguistic changes in Black ASL align with the U.S. educational, political, and cultural landscapes which are identified as the sociolinguistic and geographical factors in the formation of Black ASL. As the recognizable part of the linguistic structure of Black ASL, phonology, morphology, and discourse are the features that make it a distinct variety of ASL based on the publications in 1970s and 2010s. Dr. Hill concludes with the future directions in the study of Black ASL that continues to evolve over time with the ever shifting culture and ideology.