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NAOBI-DC Logo: A thin white circular boarder with black text “National Alliance of Black Interpreters D.C.”. Inside the white circle is a black one overlayed with a white print of The United States Capitol building.

National Alliance of Black Interpreters

The District of Columbia Chapter

Workshop/Conference Request

Pre-Workshop Checklist

At least 45 days before the workshop, submit all materials in the checklist below to for review.  

Post-Workshop Checklist

Within 10 days after the workshop, submit all materials as specified in the checklist below to

Steps to Complete Academic Coursework

  1. Fill out the Academic Coursework form
  2. E-mail the following to :
  • Proof of Accreditation of the Institution. You may search the institution at, under 'databases and directories and submit a screen shot.
  • A PDF of the course syllabus. Please label with the word "Syllabus" and the course number (e.g., Syllabus - INT 736)
  • A PDF of your course registration including the date and times
  • A PDF of your transcript. An unofficial transcript is acceptable, but must include grade and number of credit hours.

Steps to Complete an Independent Study

  1. Fill out the Independent Study Request Form
  2. E-mail the following to
    • An idea of what you would like to learn
    • The sources you will be learning from (books, website, mentors, tutors, etc.)
    • The type of documentation of work you will submits
  3. Get approval from the sponsor for your plan. When applying for an independent study, the more thought out your plan is the easier it will be to approve. There is no set template and the criteria is determined on a case-by-case basis by the sponsor.
  4. Submit evidence of completion. All time spent working on the Study needs to be documented and must be submitted within 12 months of your start date.

Steps to Complete a PINRA

1. Fill out the PINRA request form

2. E-mail the following to

  • A detailed copy of the event description. For a conference with multiple sessions, a description of each session is required
  • Presenter bios or other information to show that the instructor is appropriately knowledgeable 
  • A detailed agenda that shows the date, time, and schedule
  • A copy of your registration 

3. Get approval from the PINRA coordinator for:

  • The number and type of CEUs
  • What type of proof of attendance you will offer 
  • Go ahead to begin the activity

4. Submit proof of attendance within 30 days of the event to

NAOBI-DC is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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