CCBC | Self-Care for Interpreters (Online Course)

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Self-Care for Interpreters (Online) October 16, 2019-December 8, 2019 Prepares individuals with knowledge and resources to engage in appropriate self-care as professional interpreters. Students learn the importance of maintaining both psychological and physiological health, the warning signs of trauma, self-advocacy while on assignment and how to engage in healthy practices. [...]

RID | Diversity in Higher Education: Starting the Discussion, Part II (Webinar)

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Diversity in Higher Education: Starting the Discussion, Part II September 17, 2019 | 6-8 PM ET   Hosted by RID This workshop will add on to "Diversity in Higher Educations: Starting the Discussion, Part I" on diverse cultural perspectives in the classrooms by utilizing videos and discussions around experiences of [...]

Intro to Psychopharmacology for ASL Interpreters. Registration now open!

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Intro to Psychopharmacology for ASL Interpreters This module, designed with Daniel Lundberg, will focus on the three pillars of psychopharmacology: symptoms, medications, and side effects, as well as how each may impact our work as interpreters. Psychiatric medications can come up in a variety of settings, including annual medical appointments, [...]

New Course: “Advanced Interpreting Immersion: Depiction II”

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Advanced Interpreting Immersion: Enrich Your Interpretations with the Power of Depiction II This course is designed for both Deaf and hearing interpreters working in any setting where advanced ASL discourse strategies are required. The course explores the three vital components of an effective ASL message: advanced non-manual signals, classifiers, and [...]